Bali—3 more days

Ibu—(Ibu) Most days I run or walk along the beach in Sanur—a three mile paved path dotted with hotels. By midmorning the path is bustling people walking, riding bicycles and motorbikes and locals trying to sell anything to the tourists—food, clothing, jewelry and more. Bamboo warungs (stands) with water, coffee and fruit, push carts with bakso and soto ayam, people selling fresh caught fish or cooking sate and nasi campur over an open fire. There are dozens of ibu's offering massage, trinkets or selling sarongs which are many times carried on their heads. Many recognize me as the daily runner, but still others try to get me to see their wares. I usually just say "Tidak, terima kasih, jalan jalan". No thank you, I am  running. Many respond with "ah sport".

Setiap Hari—(Everyday) I have a cup of Bali kopi. Two heaping teaspoons of coffee bubuk (coffee powder) in a stainless pot. When the coffee settles it goes into a mug with susu (milk). I love the tiny teaspoons they use here.

Kecil Bali kucing— Alittle Bali cat, given to us four years ago by our good friend Uul, to get the mice in the thatched roof of the place we had rented. She arrived in a rice cooker box on a motorbike—all 4 lbs of her and never caught a mouse. When I left Bali two years ago she found three very attentive teenage girls at the villa next door and this summer they were moving. It was time to get my cat back. So after much Indonesian back and forth, I climbed on the back of Maria's motorbike with a zip top duffle bag and within a few minutes she was zipped in the bag and on her way home. She is tiny, mighty and mouthy and spends most days sleeping in the hot sun, howling to be fed or just howling to be noticed. Most of the time we just walk by, shake our heads and mutter "kucing manja"(spoiled kitty)!!!