Weekend in the Old Port—April 28-29

Sophie and the Pitbulls

Sophie and I live in the Old Port section of Portland Maine, a shopping/restaurant/waterfront part of town where both tourists and locals stroll, shop and enjoy good food. A lot of people have dogs. Sophie runs into the full gamut of dog breeds, many of them are Pittbulls. Some owners keep there dogs on short leashes and pull away when the little white dog comes into view, others are leashed but curious so we go wide and then there are the ones that she wants to take down. Those moments can be quite embarrassing!!!

Afternoon walk and errands. Sophie knows which shops have dog treats so she will dart in, run up to the counter and start dancing on her hind legs doing the Bichon front paw waving routine. This always scores her a treat or two and the attention of many patrons. She tends to also do this at any store with a counter and when they say they don't have treats, I have to tell them she thinks you should.

Exchange St at the heart of the Old Port is one of our routes.