Mt Kilimanjaro—the trek to the summit—Climb High, Sleep Low

Jambo everyone

I started this adventure on January 9th in Moshi Tanzania. I met my 8 fellow treking/climbing companions who were 21-32 years old (the 53 year old guy bailed on day 2)—HA! Off we went on a 3 hour jeep ride on a bumpy narrow dirt road to the start of the 8 day Lemosho Route to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro at 19,341 ft. I learned that we would acclimate to the altitude by "climbing high and sleeping low".

Day 2—we came out of the rain forest to get our first glimpse of the mighty mountain that we would eventually summit.

The mountain loomed far away as we made our way to Shira 1 Camp at 11,500 ft. Still amazed that I am in Tanzania Africa and this is the mountain that I am going to climb, while I kept silently asking myself was I going to make it to the summit?

This is my tent where I slept for 8 nights—you can't even imagine...

This was our private bathroom that went from camp to camp with us.

Day 5—Climbing the Barranco Wall with our guides Richard and Johnson. On our way to Karanga Camp at 13,000 ft.