Still traveling and working...

I spend a fair amount of time at LaGuardia airport. It is the "one-stop" between Portland and DC. I do not sketch as much as I would like when I am drifting around airports. I wish I had more discipline, but I find I spend more time reading.

"All those vitamins aren't to keep death at bay, they're to keep deterioration at bay" (Jeanne Moreau)

I am consulting for a supplement company so I am uncovering the mysteries of vitamins. This is a new supplement that I am taking that is great and has all the benefits listed below.

A HIGH-DHA, purified, omega-3 oil called CALAMARINE--extracted from deep ocean squid--a pure, sustainable resource that’s virtually IMMUNE to overfishing. CALAMARINE is the ONLY way to get the HIGH levels of DHA your heart (and your whole body) is screaming for. A highly potent form of CoQ10 (called Hydro Q-Sorb).This new CoQ10 makes the old stuff look like a Model T. In clinical testing, Hydro Q-Sorb was eight times more absorbable than old-fashioned, powdered CoQ10. A form of L-carnitine that’s more bioavailable than any other formula available today. L-carnitine is nature’s “delivery system” that helps keep your heart cells active and healthy. One of the purest, all-natural vitamin E’s available anywhere. This powerhouse antioxidant keeps your arteries healthy at the cellular level. Essential folic acid and B vitamins designed to support lower homocysteine levels, healthy blood flow, and healthy arteries. They also help magnify your immunity, supercharge your energy levels, and more

You ought to try Omega Q Plus by Dr Stephan Sinatra. It's great!