One Cat, Two Cat, Old Cat, New Cat—Part 1

Kuging manja (spoiled cat). My first Bali cat brought to the villa last April by our friend Uul to take care of our mouse problem. I had her spayed two days later when a herd of tomcats were pacing the walls checking out the cute new young girl in town. A bit of a “cranky fur pants” she has her moments of being loving and sweet, but it’s on her terms.

Kucing baru (new cat). I found this cat at a Bonsai Café on the beach. With all four paws she was standing on the edge of a garbage can eating. She came by our table later for handouts. I asked who she belonged to and everyone shrugged their shoulders and said “the café”. I fretted about her for several days. Two days ago I jumped on my bike road three miles to the beach, put her in a totebag and then in the basket on my bike and road back three miles to the vet to have her spayed. She is upstairs recovering, eating canned food and drinking Evian water. She is very sweet and loves attention. Because of her scrappy life, her fur is a bit of a mess and she doesn’t have all her teeth.

She needs a name.

Kucing malas (lazy cat). We named our tiny mouser Tikus, but we now call her Howard. She has this Howard Hughes cleaning phobia. Spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning after a day of sleeping. So far she has caught one mouse and was quite pleased with herself so she just fell asleep at the scene of the kill basking in her glory.

Kucing Baru (new cat). Managed to climb up into the ceiling rafters, over the AC unit and slide down the wall onto Jerry’s desk and computer. So much for recovering from surgery and isolating hissing cats. Now they stare at each other through the glass doors. She has put on weight, her fur is getting smooth and she is settling in to her new life—JACKPOT!