New Bali cat update

Before we left, my newest Bali cat recovered from her operation and finished her meds. She started to feel like her old self which meant her wild side showed. She would spend much of the day as close to us as possible, but that meant our other cat was at risk. I realized that she would have to go back to the Bonsai Cafe where she has lived most of her life. She has food, shelter and lots of human contact, but now she will not have litter after litter of unwanted kittens.

Her last night at the villa, I let her sleep curled up at my feet. In the morning, she got a can of Friskies, I put her back in the totebag and in the basket for the 3 mile bicycle ride back to the Bonsai Cafe. At the cafe, I let her out and she scampered off never looking back. She is back where I first found her, sleeping on one of the chairs at the cafe, curled up in the eaves of the thatched roof or having some food from the kitchen or at one of the tables on the beach. I will check on her when I go back.