Canang sari

A few weeks ago we had our priest/friend Pak Astika and his wife Made come to the villa to perform a purification ceremony to banish the evil spirits that were hanging around. This was done with offerings which are a small square palm leaf basket filled with flowers and other goodies, a stick of incense is then lighted to allow the offerings to float up to the gods.

I needed to get the five elements for the ceremony—fire (incense), water (new), flowers, fruit and rice. So off I went to see my friend Suni at "So Clean Laundry". She does 35 offerings a day so I knew she would be able to help. She went to the local market and the next day I picked up incense (everyday and special) and the lovely smelling special full moon flowers. The rest I had. That night Astika and Made presented 7 offerings at strategic (most holy and/or important) points around the villa.

Statue outside our bedroom in the garden with the canang sari (offering).

Since then I have been doing four offerings a day. I get on my bike and ride to see my new friend Ilu who makes and sells the canang sari. I enjoy the act of placing them, lighting the incense and thinking about the spiritual aspect of thanking the forces of the invisible world for their gifts to our human society. It is peaceful.