Bali—"Island of the gods"

We were taking a hike with a friend in Bedugul, Bali and we stopped at four temples nestled in the mountains, connected by a trail, deep in the jungle. I pondered and then asked "how many temples do you think there are in Bali?" Of course, the answer in hundreds of thousands. Bali has more temples than houses as every house shrine is actually a temple. From large sacred temples to the smallest temples or shrines they are everywhere. It is why Bali is called "island of the gods".

This walled-in temple is at the end of our street at the mouth of an estuary. A little rundown and overgrown, but quite beautiful in the early morning light. Everyday I see people placing offerings at the statue in the center under the umbrellas.

This small temple is at the base of a waterfall in Bedugul. In amongst dense vegetation there is a small statue with two old weathered umbrellas.