Our route—a three day tour of Bali

Our journey started from our home away from home in Sanur, Bali in the southern end of the island.

I love illustrated maps, however I can’t say I really like my first attempt at one, but it does record our route around the island starting in Sanur. Bali is not a large island, but the roads are narrow and crowded with villages, cars, motorbikes, food carts, pedestrians and all sorts of animals, so it takes longer to travel distances.

The center of the island is made up of volcanoes, the tallest being Mt Agung which is close to 10,000 ft. We crossed over the mountains several times on our tour. At one point I was looking at the map to our next destination and thought “uh-oh this mountain roads look just like the large intestine". This was quite a ride with lots of hairpin turns, not many guardrails, lots of passing and the ubiquitous Balinese horn honking warning.

Here I am once again in the "sketchers crouch". Hot, sweaty and sketching furiously before we move on to our next destination.